Inside the Guide's Labels Issue

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

In April 2014 I put together another special, themed issue of the Guide, this time dedicated to the new wave of UK independent labels. These are the new Warps, the new Ninja Tunes, and the new 4ADs and Dominos, who are defining the sound of 2014 and beyond.

I was able to commission some of my favourite writers in the country right now and I'm super proud of it. If your eyes prefer to read things online, you can see this issue's features here.

Interview: East India Youth

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

I sat down on a murky winter's day with rising electronic artist/composer East India Youth. His debut album is really rather lovely and I hope it isn't missed off any end of year lists because it came out in January. You can read the electronic version of my chat with him on the Guardian.

Guardian Guide cover story: The return of Kelis

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

I was lucky enough to go to Los Angeles in February and have dinner with Kelis. I had forgotten to tell her that I was vegetarian. She ate a lot of steak while I 'enjoyed' some lettuce leaves decorated with flower petals and drank all the wine. She laughed. I laughed. We all laughed. You can read the full interview over on the Guardian.

Interview: Queens of the Stone Age for Drowned in Sound

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

The first time I interviewed Josh Homme, I was 19 and we went shoe shopping in Camden before smoking through a pack of fags with Joey Castillo in the K-West Hotel. I'm pretty sure I almost died, both of happiness and of tar. Nearly seven years later, with their next new album, and without Joey Castillo, we spoke for 10 minutes over the phone.  Times have a-changed, indeed. Read about the making of their album, Like Clockwork, over at Drowned in Sound.


Video: The Fox Problem Launch

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

Last night, I went along to the live launch of Gemma Cairney, Georgie Okell and Georgia LA's new Google+ show, The Fox Problem. It's the first Google Hangout of its kind, a fast-paced music and chatshow set in a snazzy, specially-made studio upstairs at The Birdcage pub in Shoreditch – kind of like The Word meets (a younger, snazzier) Loose Women meets T4.

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Wonderland: interviews with Gabriel Bruce, Diiv, Paradise and Thomas Cohen

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

In the latest issue of Wonderland ('The Babes Issue', Feb/Mar), I interviewed the reluctant new poster boys of everything that's great about new alternative music. Tales of burning funeral pyres, designing clothing lines for shoplifting and being young fathers, await…