Inside the Guide's Labels Issue

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

In April 2014 I put together another special, themed issue of the Guide, this time dedicated to the new wave of UK independent labels. These are the new Warps, the new Ninja Tunes, and the new 4ADs and Dominos, who are defining the sound of 2014 and beyond.

I was able to commission some of my favourite writers in the country right now and I'm super proud of it. If your eyes prefer to read things online, you can see this issue's features here.

Interview: East India Youth

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

I sat down on a murky winter's day with rising electronic artist/composer East India Youth. His debut album is really rather lovely and I hope it isn't missed off any end of year lists because it came out in January. You can read the electronic version of my chat with him on the Guardian.

Guardian Guide cover story: The return of Kelis

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

I was lucky enough to go to Los Angeles in February and have dinner with Kelis. I had forgotten to tell her that I was vegetarian. She ate a lot of steak while I 'enjoyed' some lettuce leaves decorated with flower petals and drank all the wine. She laughed. I laughed. We all laughed. You can read the full interview over on the Guardian.

NME: Tinie Tempah interview

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

There's a reason why people say Tinie Tempah is the nicest man in rap: it's because he really, really is. In this piece for NME, originally published on July 27 2013, he tells me about working Pharrell and Dizzee and getting all inspired by Crystal Castles. No, really…

You can buy the issue on yer phone or from here to read it in full. 

Tinie Tempah – In The Studio – NME

Mixtape: Bump & Rewind

Posted on by Kate Hutchinson

This week I put out my first mixtape with my dear colleague (and amazing, underrated and undiscovered DJ) Oliver Keens. There's been a huge renaissance in ’90s R&B over the past few years, with loads of nostalgic and ironic club nights around east London, but, lately, a lot of the best underground club DJs have been remixing classic R&B tunes and blending them with clickety house, UKG and even disco. So we've spun it all into a taster mix. Take a listen and let us know what you think.