Feature: The return of UK garage

The sound of early ’90s UKG is back on London’s dancefloors…

The distinctive battle cry of UK garage is unforgettable. But, says Kate Hutchinson, it’s more than just a distant dancefloor memory. Whether it’s futuristic sounds or old school anthems that you’ll hear in London’s clubs, garage is back for good.

Feature: En vogue again

A new Soul Jazz compilation and book uncovers the music and moves of New York’s ’80s house ballroom era, the underground nightlife scene immortalised by Madonna in her infamous single ‘Vogue’ this month. And, though it lives on in the Big Apple, you can find traces of this fascinating polysexual culture in London clubland too…

Andrew Weatherall: Ministry of Sound sleevenotes

In April, I had the pleasure of writing the sleevenotes for a compilation by one the country’s most respected DJ and producers, Andrew Weatherall. His contribution to the ‘Masterpieces’ series on Ministry of Sound is out in all good record shops now. You can read the sleevenotes in full after the jump. Hope you enjoy.